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Eye Spy Locations

As a photographer it is important to constantly be looking for new inspiration. Often time inspiration can be found in things the routine eye may over look. You sometimes must retrain your brain (and eyes) to examine the old  from a new perspective. 

For example, today the weather was nice so I decided to go on a bike ride throughout some local scenic trails. I consciously made sure I was constantly examine my surroundings in search for potential location and settings for photoshoots.  

It's easy to get stuck in a rut and have "go-to" locations for shoots. While this can be useful in some cases - I feel it more often that not eliminates growth as a photographer and can even limit your creativity and originality. 

In a few weeks I have a photoshoot with a client that requested the shoot to be at Symco thresheree - the same place where I recently just had a photoshoot at.  It will be interesting and a great experience to try and challenge and push myself to find new perspectives and shooting options despite already having shot at the location before. My hopes are to have completely unique shots that bring out the beauty of the location yet are still independently unique from my previous shoot. 

Stay tuned for the results!

Have you had any challenges with shooting different photoshoots in the same location? If so how did you overcome them?